When the XJ220 prototype was first unveiled at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1988, it proved that Jaguar could still design, manufacture and produce the worlds most productive and attractive vehicles. XJ220 has a truly stunning style, at the same time with other sports car is difficult to match the ultra-standard luxury to enjoy, and thus widely favored by the worlds fans. In the glorious history of Jaguar, XJ220 is an absolutely extraordinary models. From 1994 to 1992, two years, XJ220 produced only 281, the rare amount of more than the current Ferrari ENZO, as car collectors of the treasure-class models. It is Jaguar has produced the highest speed of the production car, enduring appearance and incredible performance advantages, so that today is still Jaguar and modern sports car enthusiasts most want to get a car. Vehicle companies in the Audi, Volvo and other enterprises have been in the field of automatic driving has many years of experimental experience, Chinas Changan Automobile has been carried out long-distance unmanned testing, automatic driving technology is currently in the production of automotive applications and Not only can be described as a mining to be mine, just a radar detector this contains a variety of different technical categories, to provide more advanced detection technology companies will undoubtedly master the future of the high speed of automatic driving technology, the production car Will also be a great value to enhance.